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  •  August 29

Pharma Has a Pull-Through Problem; The Answer is Data

Pharma Has a Pull-Through Problem; The Answer is Data

Pharma Has a Pull-Through Problem; The Answer is Data

Most market access teams at pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers have the same problem: evidence of clinical effectiveness isn’t always enough to affect prescribing behavior, often due to – accurate or misperceived – access and affordability concerns. The inability to “pull through” a prescription, despite healthcare provider (HCP) field team engagement and educational efforts, stubbornly remains a top manufacturer concern.
“Pull through” is often defined as communicating relevant cost, coverage, and support information to HCPs and their office staff to help them make appropriate prescribing decisions for their unique patient populations.

Barriers to successful pull-through include:

    • Misperceptions about medication cost and coverage
    • Lack of time and resources at the HCP office to navigate coverage determinations for all patients
    • Mistrusted or inaccurate coverage information that has led to delays in treatment or unpleasant cost conversations for patients
    • Inconsistent or ambiguous messaging from manufacturers and payers about what is covered and for whom

The good news for market access teams is that data is a game changer in overcoming pull-through barriers.

A team of data scientists at Valuate Health Consultancy and market access communicators at Entrée Health have been working together to create pull-through solutions for manufacturer clients and have identified five essential strategies for pull-through success.

If you’re ready to put data to work in your pull-through strategies, contact us today to learn more about the Access Next platform and request a demo

Archbow Consulting, Entrée Health, and Valuate Health Consultancy are sister companies under the Value and Access division of Omnicom Health Group. Learn more about our united organizations here.

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