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  •  May 08

Key Takeaways from the 2024 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

General trends, popular topics, and final impressions at #AXS24

Key Takeaways from the 2024 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

Our team recently attended Asembia’s 2024 Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas. The conference brought together multiple stakeholders from the pharmaceutical industry and the opportunity to connect on trending industry topics. #AXS24 was both informative and insightful as leaders strategized on ways to improve access and affordability in healthcare. Archbow Consulting captured the following market access takeaways from our many client conversations and engaging panel sessions:
  • Pharma manufacturers have an increased desire to streamline Patient Support Services offerings with Specialty Pharmacy services to eliminate patient confusion and duplication of efforts. The market perception is that cutting out the intermediary could result in fewer redundancies and positively affect Gross-to-Net – but is this the correct position for their brand?
  • One size does not fit all! There is an increased focus on customizing Patient Support Programs to fulfill patient needs, rather than following suit in the industry. Instead of offering every service available, focus on those services that add value.
  • Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) IDN Network Administrators, while getting traction, still need a more sophisticated model to satisfy pharma’s expectations
  • Pharma manufacturers are interested in alternative distribution models. They are considering more third-party logistics services provided by Independent 3PLs rather than just focusing on the “Big 3” of McKesson, Cencora, and Cardinal. We anticipate this trend to create innovative options like new service providers or even more direct sales to the end-user customer—a movement that has been building for the last few years.
  • GLP-1s have been a game changer for the industry and are expected to continue growing due to high obesity rates in the U.S. and their expansion into other indications. Assuming the drug becomes more available than in 2023, demand and utilization will remain strong for 2024. The impact this will have on the economics of the US Healthcare system may be dramatic.
  • Adopting a Value-based care mindset is critical to encouraging innovation and ensuring the sustainability of our healthcare system. Value-based care will advance health equity, allowing patients to achieve optimal health outcomes.
  • Last but certainly not least, Jon Mahrt, President of OptumRx’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager and Chief Operating Officer, OptumRx, shared this in his Asembia session: “Unaffordable innovation is useless.” His team covered the challenges presented by current drug trends and those on the horizon. The biggest takeaway? Plan sponsors must balance delivering pharmacy benefits in an affordable and accessible way.
At Archbow Consulting, we are always invigorated by the Asembia experience. If any of these industry-shaping topics resonate with you or you want to recalibrate your business strategy to stay ahead in the market, we are here to assist. Our seasoned consultants, with decades of commercial planning experience, are well-equipped to make a tangible difference in your commercialization efforts.

Learn more about Team Archbow and the methodology that matters most to successful programs, and contact us today for assistance with your strategic and tactical patient support needs.

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