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Team Archbow
  •  September 19
Case Study: Fresh Approach to HUB Communications Drives 20% User Growth
Underperforming patient support hubs are an all-too-common problem in the pharmaceutical industry. Often, manufacturers try to create a hub that patients and prescribers will actually use but fall short in one way or another.
When building a hub, we advise our clients to focus on four essential steps: Design, Implementation, Communication, and Optimization. All four steps need to be expertly executed to offer your patients a truly successful hub.

Our colleagues at Entrée Health recently published a case study showcasing how a leading oncology company was able to streamline hub communications, spurring engagement and helping patients and HCPs get support easier and faster than ever.

Case Study: Fresh Approach to Hub Communications Drives 20% User Growth
User traffic grew by 20% year over year

If this case study leaves you hungry to learn more, register to watch our webinar, Reimbursement Blueprint: A 4-Step Guide to a Successful Pharmaceutical HUB. It’s available free and on demand.

Archbow Consulting, Entrée Health, and Valuate Health Consultancy are sister companies under the Value and Access division of Omnicom Health Group. Learn more about our united organizations here.

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