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Grace Bergin’s varied career includes managing multiple organizations of up to 100 people and working in several countries, enabling her to bring a unique strategic and analytical perspective to the Archbow Team. She has a focus on supporting quality patient access and care. She holds a dual-degree MBA from Dublin, Ireland, and Yale.

Before joining Archbow, Grace was a Lecturer at Munster Technological University, Cork for three years and managed many groups as a choral, orchestral, and opera conductor, including in the Irish National Concert Hall’s Female Conductor Programme. She founded and was chairperson of the TUD Operatic Society which she built from scratch and grew over two years, managing two large-scale productions and developing a diverse year-round program.

Grace is an Irish native, has worked as an English teacher in Italy, and studied music in Hungary, but remains a loyal Leinster Rugby fan. Now living in New York City, she enjoys going to see concerts and musicals in her free time and exploring the many restaurants in the area.


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