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  •  December 05

Don’t Let Your Pharma Program Fall Behind – Optimize It Now

Don’t Let Your Pharma Program Fall Behind – Optimize It Now
Don’t Let Your Pharma Program Fall Behind – Optimize It Now
New Year’s resolutions, such as scheduling preventative health screenings and annual checkups, serve as a frontline defense against potential health issues. Prevention is critical if you’re responsible for managing a patient support program.
Like health resolutions and preventative measures, proactive program optimization helps you avoid potential performance issues to keep your program successful. But, for many reasons, proactive optimization may not be a part of an existing program. Often, these programs fail to meet expectations over time.

How do you know if your program needs to be optimized? Here are several questions to ask yourself:

    • Does your program seem misaligned with the overall brand ecosystem?
    • Does your program face consistent escalations?
    • Is your sales force focused more on the HUB process and pull-through than selling?
    • Does your program metrics data seem “off”?
    • Do seemingly small process changes cause setbacks?
    • Does your team seem busy but unproductive?
    • Do your vendor contacts seem to be burned out?
    • Are you hearing conflicting information from your vendor and HCPs about cycle time or specific services?
    • Do you have low HCP and/or patient satisfaction ratings?
    • Is your program staff consistently working overtime?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, program optimization could make sense.

And if you’re preparing to launch a new program or need to reevaluate an existing program, we strongly recommend implementing proactive optimization strategies.

Every program has its story, just like a resolution. Optimizing is about moving forward to a new and better chapter. Archbow can assist with your program optimization strategy. We are highly experienced in designing proactive optimization approaches, identifying room for improvement, analyzing vendor performance, and modernizing technology in existing programs. Contact us today to get started.

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