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Kathleen D’Angelo brings 17 years of experience in Patient Services, with expertise in operational efficiency, integration, and implementation. She has built and fostered growth for HUB and patient assistance programs during her career. She shepherded these programs through times of transformation as products matured and the competitor landscape changed.
Before joining Archbow, Kathleen worked at Lash Group, a Cencora company leading reimbursement HUBs and patient assistance programs, supporting large volume and rare disease products. During that time, she advanced the growth of client relationships by understanding their needs and driving her teams to execute exceptionally. Most recently, she focused on implementing new service lines, vendor relationships, and technologies for clients.
Kathleen resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, two young sons, and their dog. When not spending time with family, her spare time is spent listening to and exploring new music, reading, and running. As her sons grow up, she looks forward to restarting one of her favorite pastimes – international travel.


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