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Team Archbow
  •  April 25

Conversation Starters to Drive Impactful Discussions with Specialty Pharmacies

Conversation Starters to Drive Impactful Discussions with Specialty Pharmacies
Conversation Starters to Drive Impactful Discussions with Specialty Pharmacies
The relationship between specialty pharmacies (SPs) and pharmaceutical manufacturers is vital to ensuring optimized patient access to critical specialty medications. Well-structured and maintained partnerships between these entities can support strategies that drive access and adherence through a carefully crafted contracting approach while optimizing overall program performance.

Archbow’s SP Subject Matter Experts have created a list of forward-thinking questions that manufacturers should consider while meeting with their SP partners, whether they are launching a new product or looking to optimize an existing program. Here are some questions to consider:

    1. What core services does your pharmacy provide? Does it differ by product or disease state?
    2. How does your pharmacy determine how (or when) to move a service from core to enhanced (or vice versa)?
    3. Are there additional services your pharmacy offers that our program could benefit from?
    4. How does your pharmacy measure program success?
    5. What growth opportunities could you identify for our program?
    6. How could we spend more time during meetings/QBRs focused on the program’s future in addition to past metrics?
    7. What impacts has your pharmacy seen from the growth in medical benefit processing?
    8. How often does your pharmacy review contract fees for Fair Market Value (FMV)? Have you seen any changes in FMV over the past 3-5 years?
    9. What factors, outside of manufacturer contracts, impact your pharmacy’s economics?
    10. What sources can your pharmacy leverage outside of manufacturer contracts for financial relief?
With these questions as a guide, manufacturers are poised to make the most of their specialty pharmacy relationships and contract language. We can assist manufacturer teams with contract negotiations, revisions, and SPs in evaluating their current programs and key performance indicators (KPIs). Stay tuned for more information on this relevant topic as the market progresses and SP services are re-evaluated.
Archbow’s team of specialty pharmacy experts consistently supports manufacturers in designing the most customized specialty pharmacy strategies for their unique products. If your team is building specialty pharmacy networks and relationships or determining how to improve existing programs, we can help.

Learn more about our pharmacy team and the differentiators that matter most to manufacturers, and contact us today for assistance with your strategic and tactical pharmacy needs.

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