Assessment of Hybrid HUB Enables Optimization
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How a thorough assessment of a manufacturer’s patient services department helped optimize a Hybrid HUB for future success.
A pharmaceutical manufacturer’s well established Hybrid HUB Patient Services department supports different therapeutic areas, with each therapeutic team operating as their own independent unit.
Leadership requested an outside assessment to gauge effectiveness of the services offering, technology utilization, policies and procedures, and roles and responsibilities.
Archbow was hired to conduct an end-to-end analysis, including reviewing external vendor contracts, internal policies & procedures, and job shadowing within each functional area.
Archbow conducted more than 80 stakeholder interviews and job shadowing sessions to understand the day-to-day operations of the Patient Services team.
Industry best practices and standards were considered during the review process to give the manufacturer a clear assessment.
Archbow was able to detail areas where the manufacturer was best in class as well as opportunities for improvement for future planning.
The manufacturer utilized the assessment results to develop their Patient Services roadmap, including optimization for current programs and future drug launches.
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